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    Ideas have never been more necessary than they are now! RESTART2020.org is an international startup and idea competition that brings ideas, projects, and solutions that can make our future more livable and sustainable together on one platform.


    The theme of the competition is not limited to the difficulties caused by the epidemic ( e.g. health, education) because it's clear that extensive changes are needed worldwide. It’s time to rethink our immediate environment, change our habits, and make it easier and more direct for innovators to collaborate.


    What do you need to do for a change? Hit 'registration', create your profile @POZI.IO, upload your ideas, build a team, brainstorm, inspire others, work, and grow with the best!

  • Winners!

    The winners of the Restart2020 Idea and Startup Competition final is...

    Intellitext Investment Opportunity Award:

    Forest Making

    PhD Journal




    Intensive Connect East Incubation:




    Community Award:


    Special Award:

    PhD Research Journalists


    Grow with Google program Award:






    NaturAI IDA

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    12th of October

    LIVE streamed introduction of the TOP ideas and projects.



    How RESTART2020.org is different from other startup competitions and hackathons?


    You can register for the competition starting on the 1st of July 2020 in two categories: IDEA and PROJECT.


    During the RESTART2020 program, with the help of excellent innovation specialists and mentors, you can create an online One-Pager to present your ideas and projects. Anyone can vote for them through an open platform (voting starts early August).

    The ranking is based on the votes, and a professional jury will select the best ideas and projects to be presented at the online mini-conference. You have a chance to get an investment from 300.000$ to 1.500.000$!


    But the journey doesn't stop there!


    RESTART2020 mentors will provide additional advice and help with the implementation after the competition.


    Competitors can also validate their ideas during and after the competition period. Receiving feedback and opinions from other entrants, so they can support each other in implementing new solutions.


    The event is powered by a brand new digital innovation platform, POZI.IO.

    Who can register?


    Entry is open to anyone. During the registration, a simple profile page is created individually. After registration, you can upload your ideas and projects, where you can add your team members (they also need to register first).


    In the future, the POZI.IO platform will also allow you to connect directly to project owners, possible team members, mentors, and investors.


    The networking features will be added later.

    Share your ideas, projects!


    Each applicant can share ideas and projects through the POZI.IO platform.


    Ideas can be shared as short as a few Twitter posts upgraded with a picture.


    Projects will be presented using a traditional one-pager template. In the case of projects, also you have to limit your introduction to Twitter-short answers.


    The One-Pager will consist of these answers.

    This is what you will get:


    Submitted projects and ideas will be reviewed by acknowledged mentors and experts.


    With the help of mentors, the TOP 10 applicants are to create a percussive pitch-deck and video.


    The pitch videos will be introduced to the jury and run for a possible investment.


    Our partner Intellitext offers up to a 300.000$ investment!

  • Team up with the best!

    Pál Kovács


    State Secretary for Paks Nuclear Power Plant Capacity Preservation

    Béla Domokos


    Chief Information Officer @ TerraCycle

    Tamás Bohner


    Board Member at Intellitext Kft, CEO of Drukka America Inc. & Drukka Startup Studio, Founder shareholder of Studio1 Zrt.,

    Krisztián Kölkedi


    Head Of Department at NKFIH

    Tamás Turcsán

    Startup mentor / Visioner

    Startup advisor, mentor, communications specialist and social innovator. Founder of Pozi.io, Hackathon-in-a-Box and The Connect East Incubator.

    Tamás Müller

    Startup geek / Mentor / Business analyst

    Digital marketing expert, Founder of Women Startup Competiton Europe, president of Budapest Launchpad Association, co-founder of The Connect East Incubator, Pozi.io.

    Roland Kovács

    Startup mentor / Strategist

    Engineer, Innovation strategist, mentor, advisor, CEO of RESTART2020, Founder of Balance and Bloom, co-founder of Pozi.io.

    Orsolya Bőjte

    Ambassador - Romania / Transylvania

    Student, Founder of BlueMakers Community, Pioneer & Alumni Member at EIT Climate KIC Organization, Volunteer at InfoTárs Association.

    Gunter Pauli


    Author of The Blue Economy, and 365 fables published in +50 languages, entrepreneur implementing breakthrough business models that serve the common good and initiator of the zero waste and zero emissions movement in 1990.

    Péter Illés


    Results-oriented IT expert, wih 13 years of start-up and enterprise development experience. Founder of Further Digital Solutions.

    Petra Kinga Kézai


    PhD Student at the Széchenyi István University. Research topic: Startup's in the Visegrad Countries.

    Julia Véglesi


    Investment Manager at Impact Ventures, Public Speaking Trainer at Speak Academy, Graduate in Economics from UCL, Mental Health Advocate, Hobby Triathlete

    Janka Sára Molnár


    Physicist, Student at Corvinus University of Budapest, Founder of OKTONDI, Alumni Member at Hungarian Research Student Association, Mafitud

    Zsuzsanna Tandi


    Head of ESA NTTI and BIC in Hungary at Wigner Research Centre for Physics

    Mechthild von Knobelsdorff


    Female founder with international background supports you in pitch development and storytelling.

    Andrea Polereczki


    Chief Cyber Security Officer @Inter-Computer-Informatika Zrt., Global
    Ambassador @WomenTech Network, Board member @WITSEC, Volunteer teacher
    @Safer Internet Project

    Diana Páti


    Co-founder of Impact Shakers & StartITup Győr, startup ecosystem builder, impact entrepreneurship advocate, ambassador of the GUILD in Hungary and former Lantos fellow

    Balázs Slezák

    Startup Mentor

    Engineer, serial entrepreneur, technology strategist. Co-founder of Forma Eyewear. Founder of Wozify. Mentor at Hiventures and Design Terminal.

    Tamas Ivan Banki

    Linkedin Mentor

    I am your Linkedin Expert, offering a worldwide service. I am proud of my happy clients who have optimised their Company Page’s, maximised their LinkedIn Profiles and aced their Sales and Marketing process.

    Krisztina Jónás

    Ambassador / Northern EU

    Co-founder of Earthflow,

    Research assistant at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.

    Board member of Slow Food

    Climate-KIC EIT and IVLP Energy alumna.

    Yoga teacher.

    Katalin Laczkó


    IT and general management specialist. She focuses on the introduction and implementation of corporate digital transformation. Her personal goal is to break down stereotypes about women in IT.

    Péter Antalffy


    Communication expert, international negotiation advisor

    István Csatári


    Head of Hello Tomorrow Hungary

    Előd Ványolós


    Economist, Vice-President at Hungarian Economist Society in Romania


    We are grateful to our partners and supporters!


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